Welcome to the new OWS website

Welcome to the OWS website,

We have spent some time developing a website we believe works for our customers and their needs; your feedback is important! Please let us know if you find a glitch or can’t find the information you need.

Our aim is to make finding product, pricing and contacting us easy and quick.

Here are some tips for using the site.

The home page is a search engine for all of our stock materials and searches the entire site. You can search using any term; here are some examples:

  • catalog number (using the numbers only)
  • by type of moulding (base, casing, etc.)
  • wood species (oak, hemlock, etc.)

For example if you are looking for our ogee base H280 the quickest way to search is to type in “280”.

If you are looking for a list of products from which to choose search for the type of product, ie. “Base” or “lumber”.

The search results will return a list which includes your target product(s), related products and blog posts. Should a search come up empty, the site will direct you to an email link. Please let us know what you are looking for and we’ll find it for you!

Pricing is provided upon login. A price book is available by download. Click the “Price Book” at the bottom of the page under “Tools” and follow the instructions. Please call if you need assistance with login.

Follow this link to enter your password and gain access to pricing.

We will be posting product information, new and old, on this new site regularly. The tools at the bottom of the main page are there for your use, should you need them.

Thank you for your business!

Oregon Wood Specialties

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