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A (really) short history of moulding.

Early homes in America were, of course, completely handmade. Trim and moulding pieces were custom moulding, made at the construction site with hand held moulding planes and chisels. If you’re curious about what these may have looked like click here.

Milling machinery didn’t come into play until the 1850’s, with the advent of the steam engine, and large mills were not in operation until years later. Oregon’s first moulding mills were founded in the early 1920s.

Today’s mills are run in much the same way as their predecessors; they have large industrial machines running large quantities of moulding, commonly 10,000 feet at a time. The moulding patterns, or profiles, are the most popular profiles based on sales. Some of these profiles are historic and based on traditional architectural shapes (ogee, cove and ovolo) and others are completely contemporary.

What does this mean to a historic home owner? The moulding you have in your home may be completely unique; if it is, and you need more, it will have to be custom made.

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Oregon Wood Specialties can manufacture the moulding you need or want. The following lists a few reasons for choosing Custom Moulding:

  1. To match the trim on a home built in the late 1800/early 1900’s. Homes built during this period commonly had mouldings made on site by craftsman using hand moulding planes and chisels.
  2. The profile you have chosen is not available in the wood species you prefer.
  3. The profile you have chosen is not the right size for your home.

With any custom product the price is determined by the species of wood you would like and how much of it you need. Our sales representatives are here to help you with your moulding options. We will need to know:

  1. The amount of moulding needed in Lineal Feet
  2. The preferred species of wood.
  3. Your preferred finish, paint or stain.

The best case scenario? You have a sample of the moulding, if you do not a scale drawing will work. Send us your information via email or come in to our showroom for a quote. You can expect to hear from us regarding pricing in 2 days – Manufacturing time varies: 2 days-2 weeks.

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