Custom Moulding – Picture Rail 1017 R2

Vintage Picture Rail

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Custom Moulding – Custom as in unique; if you can’t find it in the catalog – have it made!

Picture Rail 1017 R2 – 3/4” x 3”
(For a complete set of mouldings – Pair with Casing 114 T4, backband 1026 A1, Base 203 B4, Base Cap 708 P1 and apron 153 M2)

As with any custom product price is determined by the species of wood you would like and how much of it you need.

Email our sales department for a quote: 
Please include the amount of product desired in LINEAL FEET
and the preferred species.

You can expect to hear from us regarding pricing in 2 days – Material manufacture usually requires 1-2 weeks.